About Us

We are a market leader in providing end-to-end bespoke bamboo solutions from design intent to production.







Who We Are

Bamboo International (Group) Co Ltd is a HK based company specialized in bamboo architectural products, as well as furniture and unique premium goods.  We are specialized in providing end-to-end bespoke bamboo solution from design intent, factory production, installation and maintenance.  

We are vertically integrated,  with an experienced in-house design team,  our manufacturing plant in China, and a dedicated research team that continues to explore and develop new bamboo applications and materials through various advanced technology.

Our Mission

We dedicate our efforts to protecting the environment in style.  Using bamboo as the core building material, we continue to contribute and explore the full potential in the usage of bamboo and its integration with other green technology.  To put forward innovative and sustainable living solutions,  driving the use of bamboo as a sustainable element to our globe.  Advancing into a Zero Carbon World.

Bespoke Solution

BIL has a good resources team to work up to designers’ and architects’ ideas.  To provide inspirational design solutions with great attention to detail to all bamboo products to ensure all works are finished to the highest standard. Contact us for more inspiration.

Our Factory

Our plant is situated in Jiangxi, China.  The production line is formed with well-skilled material handlers and advanced machinery.  Every piece of our product comes from the assembly line with incomparable craftsmanship yet a good mechanical efficiency.

Special Design Products

We continue to explore the full potential in the usage of bamboo and its integration with other green technology and product.  Welcome to contact our sales and design team to get innovative and sustainable solutions.

R&D Lab & Patents

A dedicated Research & Development team continue to explore and develop new bamboo properties, material, products through various advanced technology.   All techniques have been carefully documented and registered to maximize their best benefit.  We welcome different invitations to explore bamboo manufacturing sustainability.